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Caddo County, LA Public Records

Caddo Parish Public Records include various documentary materials, including books, journals, and other accounts used or kept for conducting government business. These are available to all requesters, provided there are no legal restrictions. The Caddo Parish Clerk of Courts manages and issues divorce records for any divorce granted within the jurisdiction of Caddo Parish. Requesters can obtain marriage licenses and access records dating back to 1838 from the Clerk's Office. The Vital Records Division of the Clerk of Courts manages and issues birth and death records. However, only certain individuals are eligible to request birth and death records. These include the registrant or their family members, law enforcement agencies, court-approved individuals, and attorneys of the deceased's estate. Caddo Parish property records are available to the public per the Louisiana State Public Records Act and can be accessed through the Clerk of Courts office.

Courts in Caddo County

Court Records in Caddo County, Louisiana

The Caddo Parish Court Records are public, provided no legal exemptions. However, several categories of records are exempt from disclosure, including those that relate to pending litigation and documents involving minors. The Clerk of Courts maintains a database of all Parish civil records and makes them available to the public. Individuals can submit email requests to view or obtain copies of civil records—each page costing $1. Alternatively, requesters can search for records using the Louisiana Clerks Remote Access Authority ("LCRAA")portal. However, requesters are required to register to use this service. The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office maintains records of sex offenders within the county. Citizens can search for registered sex offenders by name or location or sign up to receive automated Email alerts.

Court Name:
1244 Texas Ave.

Jails and Prisons in Caddo County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Caddo County, Louisiana

Caddo Parish Inmate records are considered public under public record laws. The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office operates the Caddo Correctional Center. Interested individuals can obtain inmate information at the Caddo Correctional Center by sending a request to the sheriff's office. Alternatively, requesters may use the Caddo Parish Sheriff's database of currently housed inmates to perform self-serve searches. The database lists the name, age, and sex of inmates. Caddo Parish Correctional Center inmates are permitted two visits per month. Prospective visitors must schedule their visit in advance by calling the facility. Caddo Parish has four prisons and jails, catering to a population of 251,069 individuals residing in an 879-square-mile area. Regarding the number of jails and prisons per capita, Caddo Parish ranks 60th out of the 64 parishes in Louisiana.

Jails and Prisons Name:
1101 Forum Drive, PO Box 70110
1125 Forum Drive

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Caddo County

Arrest Records in Caddo County, Louisiana

Caddo Parish arrest records are available for access, review, and duplication. The records include vital details provided by the arresting agency and may include the suspected crime, the arrestee’s identity, the date and location of the detainment, and data on bail. The Criminal Records Division at the Caddo Parish Courthouse is open to county residents who wish to access these files. Alternatively, residents may also contact the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office for assistance. The sheriff's office levies a fee of $7.50 for the initial five pages of the requested document. Each additional page incurs a charge of one dollar. However, arrest records that are erased, sealed, or considered confidential by law or court order may be withdrawn from public scrutiny. Caddo Parish has 23 police departments, and the crime rate is 49.85 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
501 Texas Street, Room 101

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